Reflections - Morning Devotions

I am not a morning person. I never have been and always thought I never would be.
That is, up until three weeks ago. 
I hadn't been truly enjoying my hurried Bible devotions with little boys chasing each other and making war cries around me during my "quiet time." If I sent them outside to play during my planned devotion time they always found a (generally legitimate) reason to come ask me something or get my help.

When I tried reading in the evening after they were in bed I was too tired to put much effort into reading and praying and would usually drift off. I was certain if  I got up early I would be as exhausted as I was in the evenings and so I lived quieting this need inside me to be spending more time in God's word, telling myself it would happen one day.

Then about 3 weeks ago I decided I needed to change something about the way I was reading His word. Stuffing a quick reading into a distracting 5-10 minutes wasn't satisfying. And I wanted more.

So I set my alarm for 6:30, and apart from the the two mornings I was away last weekend, have managed to get up fairly soon after that. This morning I was excited when my body woke up minutes before the alarm went off - I am slowly adjusting my sleeping habits and will set the alarm for even earlier. 

And yes, I fully realize many of you might be laughing at my 6:30 wake up being early for me. But I am a work in progress!

My boys usually wake up around 8:30 so this gives me about 2 hours of quiet time to myself to read, pray, think, write and then get a head start on my to-do list.


The time in the morning alone with the Lord has been wonderful. I start a load of laundry while brewing a cup of coffee or tea and then move to the back porch where I have created a little spot that is my area for the early morning.

Last weekend at the conference one of the speakers, Becky Tirabassi, shared a One-year Bible and journal she had created. I have used them both this past week and enjoy them immensely. I want to wait until I have used them a bit longer before truly singing their praises, but so far they have been excellent tools.

"This is the day the Lord has made, 
Let us rejoice and be glad in it."
-Psalm 118:24

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Mel said...

When I'm a grown up, an by grown up I mean "have kids" I want to be like you. :)

I find myself doing the same thing you did, only except kids interrupting me, it's work. Blah. How I wish I could just have extra Bible time in the MORNING!!!

It feels so wonderful when it happens though. SO wonderful.

Jessica Morris said...

Mel - I love you :)
And when you are "grown up" you are going to live right next door to me. I am counting on it!!


And yea, I think every stage of life has distractions. The first week I started doing this my boys were waking up at 7!!! I about cried.
But I gave them some food and water and told them they had to stay in their room til I came to get them. That worked well and then after a week they stopped waking up :)

Jessica said...

I love how you expressed it - "quieting the need inside" of you to spend more quality time with the Lord. Sadly, that's been my status quo for too long. I need to take a queue from you and do the same thing.

Good for you.

Amber said...

I started this exact early morning routine myself almost a month ago. It is wonderful. I throw a little exercising in there too. There is nothing better than starting the day off in God's Word. I, too am NOT a morning person. But it is amazing how your body can truly change its internal clock!

TammyIsBlessed said...

I know I should start doing that too.

I have been doing my devotions right after breakfast and I let the kids watch tv. It works - but I would get much more done if I would do it before they're up, that's for sure!

I sometimes do it during their afternoon quiet time - but I really don't like doing that, because that's my only time to get stuff done without Jacob underfoot - especially office work.

So, yeah - I should really get up early enough to both do devotions AND exercise before the kids are up, so I am able to put all my energy into proactive parenting instead of trying to shuffle them off to the side so I can get stuff done.

Claire said...

I've been quieting that need as well. Thanks for nudging me.


emily said...

Your photos are beautiful! There is nothing quite like the morning time. I haven't gotten up before the kids in a while. your post was a great reminder of how much I love doing it! Thanks for linking up.

nic said...

these are amazing shots, and a much-needed nudge to get me back in the habit of early rising. (although, at my place, i have to get up at 4:30 this time of year to beat the kids, who i'm pretty sure are solar-powered. what's the trick to getting them to sleep in?)

Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

I must admit, I am indeed chuckling about the 6:30 a.m. wakeup. I am a morning person, and I am becoming moreso over time out of necessity...this morning it was 4:58 a.m., out jogging at 5:10 so I could be inside to write at 5:40. But you have done something I have not, which is carve out prayer time. Good for you.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I always envy those "morning birds". I've never been... I love this inspiration to give it another try, though. The only problem is, my kiddos rise around 6:45... Eeeek.

Jennifer said...

I am sure your new found special quite time with God is going to make such a wonderful and positive difference. Good for you for making this a priority. I could certainly learn from you! :)

Life with Kaishon said...

What a great post Jessica. Thanks for sharing what you are learning.

Lana said...

I empathize totally with the non morning person part.....and I applaud you for endeavoring to spend more quality time with the Lord in His Word!!

And those photos rock!!!!


patty said...

beautiful images! and i love mornings...after i'm up. ;o

patty said...

beautiful images! and i love mornings...after i'm up. ;o

JoAnn said...

My kids wake up at like, 5:45. Ew.
But Some ONE has been whispering in a small, still voice, reminding me of the Proverbs 31 woman who rises early to care for her family...and I've been able to rise and shine better than usual the past two days, so I'm starting to catch a glimpse of what you are talking about. I still can't read in the morning though. I can basically only drink coffee and sulk :) (after making breakfast of course!)

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