Green Smoothie - Recipe #2

This Green Smoothie is much more the style of what we consume three times daily. We have made a basic list, which I will expound on later, of the 4 'groups' we include in each smoothie - the groups being the base, liquid, fat and special (which is something sweet, generally fruit). 
This smoothie includes items from all four groups.

I used:
about 10 ounces of mixed greens, Kale and Turnip greens
2 carrots
1/2 pear (leftover from snack time)
1 ripe avocado
 1 bag of frozen strawberries
2 cups of water
about 1 cup of ice

We've been using more and more greens lately and a trick I have picked up is to blend them with water first to make room in the blender for everything else. 
It blends right up and makes room for the fruit and ice.

I wanted to try a banana free green smoothie recipe since most of ours use bananas and Stacy mentioned that she didn't like them - you may not like avocados either if it's a texture thing but you inspired this one Stacy and we like it! 

Check out this video on Green Smoothies for kids or newbies


Stacy said...

LOL, the dislike of bananas is a taste issue, not a texture one. I blend an avocado into most of my smoothies- can't taste it at all.

Claire said...

I so need to get into smoothies.


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