Green Smoothies - the Liquids


We broke down the content of our smoothie into 4 basic groups so that we could easily build a healthy smoothie each time based off the basic groups. We always make sure to add items from each group to ensure a nutritious and delicious smoothie.

As mentioned before, these are our 4 groups:

I am going to do a separate post about each category to keep it simpler and more organized. 
All posts should be up by the end of the weekend! 
I have tried my best to answer questions as they have come up, if I missed your question or you have another one feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer. 

LIQUID- There isn't a whole lot to say on this addition. Liquid is essential to help blend and thin out the smoothie. You can play with the amount of liquid you add to change the thickness of your smoothie and also the consistency of your smoothie. We mainly use water and if we use something other than water we do consider it as part of the 'special' group, but for the sake of organization I will list all of the liquids we have used here.

- Water
-Grapefruit juice
-Coconut milk
-Apple Juice
-Almond milk

*we are slowly weeding milk out of our diet. We haven't used it in a long time, but we use to.

We also consider ice as part of our liquid, and as mentioned before sometimes use frozen cucumbers or frozen bananas in place of ice. 

The liquid should be added first to your blender as it helps create a vortex of sorts and blends up the greens more thoroughly. And as several people commented earlier, it helps prolong the life of the motor.

Since this section is rather short I'll add a fun tip we discovered a couple weeks ago: if you have extra smoothie pour it into a Popsicle mold and put it in the freezer - easy, cheap and tasty Popsicle treats that are good for the kids! 

I had hoped to get the whole series complete this weekend, but I was in Atlanta all day Friday for a Photoshop seminar, spent yesterday pulling staples and cleaning glue off the hardwood floors we discovered upstairs under the carpet,  tomorrow we are spending all day with various friends and Tuesday we are going away for our first camping trip with the boys. I committed to more than I can complete this weekend, so the 'fats; and 'special' will be addressed later.

Happy Memorial Day!

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morriscrew7 said...

we sometimes add a little kombucha or aloe vera juice to the smoothies.

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