Exhaustingly Endless Mommy Day

I like to take pictures of them that make me laugh so that on days when the "mooooooommmmmmy"-ing seems exhaustingly endless I can look at them and smile and remember to cherish the moment. 
It really works.

I know. Because today was one of those exhaustingly endless mommy-ing days.


mum said...

I'm sure we all know what you mean!! One day Esther (4) was "mummying" me all day long and I said "Oh Esther it's been mummy, mummy, mummy all day long, and I'm so tired" And she said, "But mummy, I couldn't possibly call you Susan"!!

Bethany said...

You've got a lion in your jungle, I see! Yesterday I had a cow in my bed... He was "munching" my sheets. I'm glad to see that even your darling boys can get on your nerves once in a while. That NEVER happens to me...

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