Judah's Car Mat - Christmas Gift

I am so excited about this Car Mat for Judah.
I have been working on it for a couple of months now, but it's been going a lot quicker since I got my sewing machine!! It is possible to make this if you don't have a machine - it'll just take a long time to hand stitch everything.

I wanted to make him a car mat with lots of different scenes that he could rearrange the order of everything depending on his creative mood.
I found bags of red, white, black and green felt at the Dollar Store - $1 for 10 or 12 pieces. Each piece is about 5x7. On top of 4 bags of that felt I picked up a few other pieces at a craft store and used some scraps I had on hand. Some of the scenes still need a few details, but here they are up close:

Starting with the top scene:
A city (with a clothes line between two apartment buildings)
Fishing pond, apple tree, garden
Christmas tree, sled, snowman
Parking lot (the black line will be a light post, just need to add the button light!)

From left to right:
Rain clouds and puddles
Train station and train tracks
Sun, telephone pole with bird, stop sign

From left to right:
Tent, snake
Fence, barn

I will probably end up adding on to this if he plays with it as much as I am hoping he will. He has seen me working on it, and at the beginning I let him test it out just to see if he would play with it, and he totally loved it! I think it would be fun to let family and friends design a scene for him too.


Jessica said...

Such an awesome idea! If I had even an ounce of your creativity I'd be happy. =)

Graceful said...

Wow, you are seriously creative! I love the 5-year-old boy bday gift below, too. I am way impressed!

Jen said...

That is pretty awesome :)

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