Button Wreath

I love this. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Paul doesn't. And while I normally can be swayed by his dislike of things, I like this too much to really care that he doesn't like it.

And he cares about me too much to actually come out and tell me he doesn't like it.
He simply told me "It's. Uh. Interesting."
I know exactly what that means in Paul talk; "It's pointless. And kind of ugly."

But I still like it. A lot.

It was inexpensive to make (price break down is at the bottom of this post) and easy enough that it could be a project for a child old enough to not endanger themselves with pins =)

And in case you don't know what it is, it's a wreath covered with buttons. 234 buttons to be precise. Not that I spent the time counting the buttons. But the box of push pins I bought came with 240 pins and by the time I was finished with the project there were 6 pins left. So that told me how many buttons I used :)

Remember the sewing machine that I was given? And how it came with hundreds of buttons? Well, I think thousands of buttons would be more accurate. I used over 200 buttons all from the stash of stuff I was given and I barely put a dent in the pile of buttons I have!! That is a lot of buttons!

This is really simple to make, though it does take a good bit of time to pin each button in place. It took me about an hour to complete and I did it while watching a movie with Paul. Maybe it would have gone way faster if I hadn't been distracted.

Supplies needed to replicate this Jessica loved and Paul hated wreath:
  • Styrofoam wreath (I used floral foam stuff as that's all the Dollar Store had. I don't recommend it!)
  • Wide Ribbon
  • Push Pins
  • Buttons
  1. Cover the wreath with the wide ribbon - it doesn't need to look perfect as most of it will be covered by buttons. 
  2. Cut the length of ribbon you want for the wreath to hang from and attach to the top with push pins. I just held it in place with push pins until I had picked out what buttons I wanted to hang on the top. If you know what you want right away then use a push pin with a button and you'll save yourself from going back and adding buttons to this area later.
  3. The next step is the easy and long part! Add the buttons to the wreath by putting one pin in each button. You'll find some buttons have larger button holes (even if they look like they're the small size!!) so make sure the pin doesn't go straight through the button hole. 
While I put them on randomly I did pay attention to make sure there wasn't a cluster of one color and/or size in one spot. With the assortment of buttons I had on hand it wasn't too hard!

Check out some of the cool buttons:


This project was very inexpensive - I spent $1 on the wreath and $1.50 on the push pins and the ribbon and buttons I had on hand. Now I just need to find the right spot to hang it!

Note: My original idea was to use a cone and make a tree out of buttons, but the Dollar Tree didn't have any.


Nicole said...

I absolutely LOVE that wreath! It's so cool looking!!!

Jessica said...

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh......... (If you were here, that's what I'm saying right now, out loud, and it sounds pretty much the way it looks. I'm kinda freaking my cat out.)

I LOVE THIS IDEA. My grandmother cleaned out tons of her stuff before she moved last year, and I got bags of buttons that I've been wondering WHAT on EARTH to do with. THIS IS JUST WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. I'm doing this. This week. It's happening.

I'm so pumped.

And, if I'm thinking right, this doesn't have to be a "strictly Christmas" decoration.

Kristin said...

Helen made button picture frame as a gift for one of her grandmas. It is very similar to this idea. I have a big tin full of buttons and we bought a plain picture frame (in the craft section at Walmart). We just painted mod podge all over the frame and she put bunches of buttons all over it.

Anyway, it was a great project for a 3 year old and I know her grandma is going to love it. In fact, I'm going to get another frame tomorrow so we can do it again for the other grandma (I'd had a different idea for Helen to do for her but this one was so great we'll just repeat!)

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