Easy Birthday Gift for a boy

Judah's buddy is turning 5 and he entirely has my sympathies.
Being born anywhere close to Christmas kind of stinks.

I decided we'd try to make his gift a bit more fun, somewhat functional and... well, make it more than 1 gift to open.

I took mini matchboxes that I picked up at the Dollar Tree for $1. (There were about a dozen for $1)

I only need 5 boxes.
The boy is turning 5.
So 5 boxes it will be.

I took all the matches out of the matchbox. As certain as I am that a 5 year old boy would love 5 boxes of matches, I still want to stay friends with his mother. So out go the matchsticks.

Then I cut out 5 pieces of paper that flowed together. I wasn't looking for matchy-matchy.
Two prints got used twice. My favorite line says;
Boy, n. a noise with dirt on it.

I wrapped them all up fancy like and used some rub on numbers to put 1-5 on the front of each box.
That's the easy part.

Deciding what to put in these manly man boxes is a whole 'nother challenge. Seeing as it's from Judah I thought we could try putting Judah's things in it - each box would hold 5 of the treasured item.

But after coming up with rubber bands, pretzels, balloons, paper clips and quarters I thought his friend might just cry when he saw the gift.
And Judah might cry when he realized he was GIVING those items away.

So I thought a bit more. And am going to use money inside of it instead.
5 nickles
5 dimes
5 quarters
5 $1bills

And then 1 $5 bill to end it all off .

Judah still might cry when he realizes that when you give gifts you give for keeps.
But at least his friend won't be crying because he doesn't understand WHAT the gift is!

And a special note to all givers of gifts to my children: they truly would be overjoyed with a rubber band ball, a big jar of paper clips, some shiny quarters, pretzels - stale or not - and balloons.
Be warned: If you gift them any of those items you must stay to watch their full enjoyment of the gift. They are hysterical.


TammyIsBlessed said...

Very neat idea!

Where do you get the rub on numbers?

Jessica Morris said...

The craft store had them... I actually got them for 90% off at Hobby Lobby! But any craft store should have them.

BeckeyZ said...

You are a very thoughtful gift-giver...could you give my husband lessons?

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