$2 Steve Madden Boots for a Friend

I don't think these are boots you can be on the fence about - you'll either love them or hate them.
I happen to love them.

I found these Steve Madden boots at the thrift store for $2 and was so disappointed when I discovered they were one and a half sizes too small for me.

I knew I couldn't just leave them in the store so I called a good friend and asked her what size shoe she wore. I don't even think I asked how she was I was so excited.
"Hi Ashley, it's Jessica. What size shoe do you wear?"

She just happened to wear size 7.5 - the exact size of the boots!

I was thrilled that they were the perfect size for her and was quite certain she'd love them too so I bought them for her. When I got home I googled them and they sell for over $100!!

It was exciting getting such a steal on these boots but even more exciting being able to share the deal with a friend.

If I can get it together I plan on posting my new years goal later today or tomorrow - I am excited about the challenge I have set up for myself, inspired by Jen and all her frugal fashion finds!

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