Family Picture, Take 1

We attempted our family picture tonight, and while there were better pictures taken, I kind of like this one.
Judah took the camera remote from me (can you see it in his hand?) and he took a whole bunch of family pictures for us :) Such fun! 
But even though I like this one I don't like it enough to do anything with it other than smile at it. And I'm not overly fond of the other pictures we took either, so we'll probably be trying this again on Sunday. I know I am cutting it close, but I'm determined to get family pictures done and in the mail for Christmas! The lady at the post office told me I have until Monday =) 


~The Mangos~ said...

how clever! when is our Cd suppose to arrive???

Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE this photo, except I do wish I could see little Wesley's face. But otherwise, it is just way cool.

Jessica said...

Too cute....and gracious me.....your floors are GORGEOUS. WOWZA.

Roxanne said...

I love...LOVE....L O V E your floor!!!

Did you paint them yourselves? Do you see dust 3 minutes after sweeping? Please do a post on your floors :-)

Jessica Morris said...

Thanks :)

Roxanne - the floors are hardwood. Paul put them in himself - I will get a post up in the next few weeks about it :)

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