Lest you think we are total Video Game junkies I thought I'd share one of our current favorite non-video-game games, Skip-Bo!

It is a really fun card game, sort of similar to Dutch Blitz and yet totally not like Dutch Blitz. It's like the calm version of Dutch Blitz.

I have such good memories of this game - growing up I played it a lot with my family and then when I was in Nigeria living with my grandparents we played it every single night. Every night. I was there for like ten months. That's a lot of Skip-Bo. And yet I still love the game, which has gotta tell you how great of a game it is, right?!

I bought the game for Paul and myself ages ago but I don't think we ever played it together. And then Judah somehow got a hold of the box and we were randomly finding Skip-Bo cards around the house, so that ruined that game!

But then a couple weeks ago I found the box on clearance at our local grocery store and bought it for us again and we've been having so much fun with it! We play a couple evenings a week and (please don't tell my Grandma) it makes me feel old. But it's fun and bonding and I usually win. :)
So what's not to love about that?! Even if it does make me feel old.


Stacy said...

I've never bought a set of Skip-Bo cards, mostly on principle. :p We play a game called Spite and Malice with a double deck of regular cards, and its pretty much the same thing as Skip-Bo. Sort of like how game makers took Crazy 8's and turned it into Uno.
I love both board and card games. We've been playing a lot of gin rummy lately.

Chelsea Rae said...

We also love skip bo! We used to play it when I was pregnant with Mary and my friend was living with us. We would go to be early and play that way we could have some time to ourselves. It is probably my favourite game ever!

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