My New Hairstylist....

Things You Don't Want to Hear Your Hair Dresser Say:

- Uh oh!!

- Wheeeeeeeeee!

- Where it go?

- Momma? Where is it?

- Cut cut cut!

- Hahahahhahahahahahaha

- Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

I tried to give him tips that all of the above statements were not helpful in making the client (which was me) relax. I think he got it. He's now ready for his next client. Any volunteers?


Nicole said...

lol @ "where it go? Momma? Where is it?"

Ah, so cute!

Sis said...

Aw! Way too cute!!! I miss that boy!!!

Crystal said...

I *am* in desperate need of a cut. But uhm, I think I'll pass.


Cute. :)

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