This is Why I'm Hot

Judah's got a thing for underwear.
He loves wearing it on his head.
He loves carrying a couple other pairs with him.
He wears it on his head to the grocery store.
He waves it at strangers.
I assure them it is clean.

And our first day hanging out in the front yard of our new house he brought me a pair and asked me to put it on my head.
Hello new neighbors!
I promise, we aren't as strange as we look.


Jen said...

lol that is cute, it made me smile :)

mum said...

He's going to be one embarrassed boy in a few years, you think??? Love it!

BeckeyZ said...


Di said...

LOL!! You're such a cool mom!!!
I LOVE your house!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

I was playing a game with my family the other night called "Things," where you have to list things that fit into a certain category. Anyway, the category was "Things you shouldn't do when trying to make a first impression," and I thought of you and your new neighbors. Hope they thought it was as cute as I do.

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