What Daddy Says

I love these moments, and wish I could capture them forever.

Paul doesn't pull out his guitar nearly enough, but when he does he always has a funny or goofy or sweet song he's made up for me and/or the boys. And he always manages to get Judah involved in the singing too, getting him to chant something silly and encouraging him to strum along on the guitar.
It is so sweet.
Judah adores his daddy and I love that.

I had the following conversation with Judah this past week:

Me - "What does a dog say?"
Judah - "Woof, woof!"
Me - "What does a bird say?"
Judah - "Tweet, tweet."
Me - "What does daddy say?"
Judah - "Obey!"


Sarah said...

lol...too funny Jessica!!

Sis said...

wow, that's priceless! I love it!

Nicole said...

Obey! Heehee!

Very nice pictures Jessica :o) I love how you capture such special moments.

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