Birthday Plate

Before Judah was born I saw the idea of having a special plate that is pulled out to honor your child on their birthday or other special occasions. I loved the idea, and for the past two years have been on the look out for *the* plate.

This week I found it! I bought the matching bowl too. I thought I'd leave the option open for me to serve cold cereal and milk for their birthday meals... I kid. Sort of.

Anyways, I just LOVE the plate and bowl. I first spotted it from across the store, and it just screamed "this is the special plate you've been looking for for two plus years." How could I argue with a plate that screamed at me?!
I found it at Tuesday Morning. If you've never been to the store you should go! If you were there once and didn't find anything, go back again! They always have different things in there. There's been one near us in all three states we've lived in and I just adore the store.


Nicole said...

What store are you talking about?

The bowl and plate are perfect! Good idea too!

Jessica Morris said...

Lol, the store is called Tuesday Morning. :)

It may just be an American store. It's so very cool!

Jessica said...

I LOVE this! Awesome idea.....and now I'll be searching for *the* plate, too. I really love this!

Nicole said...

I've never heard of Tuesday Morning the store. I think it's just American. What kind of store is it similar to?

Ally D said...

I grew up with the "blue plate" for our birthdays, good grades and special occasions...we all loved it. It was so great getting that recognition as we were growing up; great tradition to have.

Jen said...

Awesome plate! Its so fun and colorful :)
I have not been in a Tuesday Morning but maybe I should lol

Jeanie said...

I've been looking for a plate, too. The ones you found are perfect. Your family will love them.

Jessica Morris said...

I guess it is kind of similar to HomeSense/Winners... but not really.
That is the closest thing I can compare it to, but I think it's got cooler stuff :)

mum said...

Ah Jessica, You actually did one of the many things I wanted to do with you guys and never got around to doing! I hope it doesn't make you feel you missed out!!!
love you!

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