Rock It

The Littles came along for Caleb's photoshoot, and when we got to this rock I remembered that when Judah was 9 months old he'd come along for a photoshoot and I had stopped and taken his picture right at this very rock.
Wezzy is practically 9 months old, so I thought I would get a picture of him at the same rock.
The bottom center picture is the one of Judah at 9 months.
It made me laugh when I saw these three pictures (Wezzy now, Judah as a baby and then Judah now) - all three shots the boys are looking down at the ground! Totally did not plan that.
There must be some cool dirt there!


Nicole said...

Those are the best pictures Jessica! It's so neat seeing Judah so tiny! I love how they are all looking at the ground. Your boys are just too cool!

TammyIsBlessed said...

They have the same nose!

I LOVE Judah's hair BTW - I've been meaning to comment on that for a long time now.

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