Welcome Home

Yesterday was a yucky, rainy day.
And our moving day.
We were thankful for friends that helped us move to our new house across town.
And thankful that, although a bit damp, nothing got ruined by the rain.
And we got to see this beautiful rainbow from our back door at the end of the day.
We are so excited to be in our new place at last! Last night was our first night sleeping in the house... and we slept on the floor because the mattresses were damp :)


BeckeyZ said...


You must've had some rain to have a pretty rainbow like that.

I love getting a good rainbow shot. Unfortunately, the best one I have, I took in an Office Max parking lot. Not too scenic, but it was a cool rainbow.

Jen said...

Beautiful, I love seeing rainbows after the storm :)
It must have been some storm lol
Yay to be in the new house :)

TammyIsBlessed said...

I love rainbow pictures!

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