Something New

I'm not sure what made me do it, but I saw some Mussels at the grocery store and decided to buy them. They looked so cute in their colorful shells, and they smelled amazing while cooking in the special marinade I'd made.

I was so excited to try them.

But the excitement quickly dwindled. They weren't so good. And I was quite disappointed.

And I will never do that again.


Nicole said...

And here I thought you were going to say you found a cool, new food! Booo to them tasting gross. I could never try a mussel. They just look... gross.

Bethany said...

Clams are much better. I actually was willing to try them. I sorry to say, but I smiled when I saw you thought mussels were "not so good". I find them to be rubbery and nasty bits of grossness. Boo to mussels. Try clams next time.

Crystal said...

You are so brave.

Jessica said...

That's exactly why I don't do more experimenting in the kitchen. I get all excited about a recipe and then it isn't anywhere near as good as I had hoped. The disappointment is so frustrating that I try to save myself from it.

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