Wezzy - 9 months

My baby is growing so fast! He very clearly says "Mamamama" - and has for a couple of months! He says it when he is hungry or when he wants to be held by me. He is a momma's boy through and through. And I kinda like it.
He's a rough and tumbling little guy too. He won't sleep unless he is swaddled up tightly, and yet when he is swaddled he goes through great efforts to become un-swaddled. A couple of times last week I put him in the middle of our bed, tightly swaddled and surrounded by pillows, for his nap.
When I peeked into the room I found him underneath our bed, sound asleep.
Scared me to death. But he was quite content.
He's got five teeth now, and loves to show them off to anyone that sticks their fingers in his mouth.
He adores Judah, and gives Judah his best belly laughs.

They are sleeping together in the same room now for naps and through the night, and they chatter and giggle to each other. Little ones giggling is the sweetest sound.


Jen said...

Wow already 9 months! He is such a cutie!!

sis said...

He looks so much like you! I miss him!!!

Rebecca said...

He's so beautiful, like a little doll! Both him and Judah have awesome eyes :)

Jessica said...

So sweet! I think finding him on the floor under the bed would have scared me, too!

I totally agree that baby giggles are about the sweetest sounds in the world. Leah just started laughing last week, and oh. my. goodness. Melt my heart.

Jeanie said...

I think he kind of looks like your dad, Jess.

I love that photo of the two of you. That is a real keeper.

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