Going Green

I have been thinking about making Green Smoothies for us for a little while, and then all of a sudden it seemed like everyone else in bloggy world was doing it too!!
THIS POST is the one that truly encouraged and pushed me over the edge from good intentions to actually doing it.

I made our first Green Smoothie last night using Spinach.
The one I have planned for today will use Spinach and celery.
And if that goes over well then tomorrow I'll add a cucumber.

Paul was a bit skeptical about the idea. There isn't much he thinks sounds weird, so I was a bit surprised that he didn't really want to try this. However in the end he did agree that I could make it to go along with our supper last night and he really enjoyed it, as did Judah and myself.

I added raspberries, bananas and blueberries to the Spinach, which is what gave it the funky, murky color!

Anything I could possibly tell you about Green Smoothies has been so well articulated in the above linked to post that I won't even bother repeating the information :)
Head over to Lindsay's blog and check out what she has to say about Green Smoothies (and then look around the rest of her blog, I quite enjoyed it!)

If you do try this yourself let me know what you add!


Stacy said...

I should try this. I drink a lot of smoothies for breakfast in the summer anyways.

Crystal said...

I've been stuffing spinach into smoothies for forever. You can't taste it with all the fruit.

Celery, though? Ewwwe.

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