Fun With the Wii

We bought a Wii over the holidays with some Christmas money we were given and we have had so much fun with it!!

We bought a used one with a bundle of games, and we soon discovered we weren't fans of any of the games (other than the Wii Sports), which was quite a let down.

But then some friends of ours generously lent us some of their games and our love affair with Mario Kart and Mario Party started. It was nice testing out the games without putting the money out for them ourselves before knowing if we'd like them or not.

But like them we did, and we decided to take our bundle of games to Game Stop and see if we could get enough money for the games we didn't like to buy the games we knew we did like.

And boy did we ever!! The store is currently running a deal that if you bring in 6 or more games you get 40% more credit. And if you pay $15 for their gaming magazine you get an additional 10% credited to the games you bring in and then 10% off the games you buy.
So we ended up getting 50% extra credit for our games due to the deals, which ended up being $115!

It was all just store credit, no cash, so we turned around and bought the games we wanted plus a couple others that looked like fun.

And now you may never hear from me again.

Because I have turned into a gaming addict.


Nicole said...

Wii! I want one!

BeckeyZ said...

Benjamin got the wii system a couple weeks ago for his birthday. I haven't used it yet, but I enjoy watching everyone else play with it.

Alyson said...

I think the girls would fall over if we ever surprised them with one. They just LOVE to play it at friend's houses. It is sooooo tempting to get one...esp after reading your enthusiasm! Game on dear sister!!

Jessica said...

I've heard such great things about Wii. I'd love to get one, but other things seem to be first on our list right now. Some day, though.....it looks like so much fun!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Mario Kart is soooo fun!

My 3 yr old accidentally deleted our license - and erased all the characters and everything that we (read I) had unlocked for them. Arggg!

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