Milk & Swimming Lessons

Judah is taking swimming classes - or more accurately, an intro to swimming class.
He was doing really well at digging, kicking and bubbles until we made him go all the way under the water and then swim to me unassisted. It didn't go over so well.

He stopped digging. Stopped kicking. And stopped blowing bubbles.

He started whining. Sometimes screams. And when his head goes under he always sucks in water.

So I have started practicing these swimming-skills at home.
We lay on the carpet and "kick, kick, kick!!"
I put a toy a few feet in front of us and we "dig, dig, dig" towards it.

And I give him cups of milk with a straw and tell him to make bubbles.
Oh what fun those bubbles are!!

I remember as a kid being completely enthralled with milk bubbles.
And my parents not being so impressed.
In fact I'm pretty sure they told me I wasn't allowed to blow bubbles in my milk.
And ever since then I have carried this desire in my heart to encourage my children to blow bubbles in their milk.

Judah is now an official milk-bubble-blower.

And it's a good thing milk doesn't stain.

Because milk-bubbles can bubble over.

And I sort of understand my parents dislike for milk bubbles.

But not quite enough to forbid them.

So bubble on Judah! Maybe soon you'll be doing it again in the pool.

And maybe one day after that you won't be allowed to do milk bubbles again.


Petula said...

Good luck, Judah, with the swim lessons. I hope you milk-bubble blowing training ends in Olympic swimming techniques. :D

You're brave 'cause I don't think I could stand the milk bubbles. LOL...

Jen said...

lol I remeber milk bubbles too :P

Bethany said...

Josh LOVED swim lessons last fall. We'll see how they go over next time... Judah will be a fish before ya know it!!

Ah, milk bubbles. They were outlawed at my house too.

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