Did you Know?

Coffee Rose.

Chocolate Sparkle.

Burled Redwood.

Hitching Post.

Earl Grey.

Grape Jewel.


Thin Ice.

Walnut Grove.

Cosmic Dust.

Did you know there were so many cool paint names?! Now you know :)
That is all I had to say.


Sis said...

I love those paint names :) I need to start looking into them...

Jen said...

yep alot of crazy colors out there :p

Donna Freedman said...

Who makes these names up? Do they get paid to do it? I want that job!
Somewhere I read that a good way to teach your kids colors is to go to Home Depot (or wherever) and get those paint samples that are shaped like Mickey Mouse's head. Kids like the Mickey silhouettes and you can pull them out of your purse or diaper bag when you're in a long store line and say, "What color is this?"
If you wind up with enough of them you could even play a kind of "Go Fish" with them: All reds match, all blues match, etc.
However, I'm just picturing the preschool teacher when she says, "What color is this?" and your kid pipes up, "Why, that's Grape Jewel!"
Parent-teacher conference time...

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