Words That Rhyme With Orange


I received the Words That Rhyme With Orange cd by Ross King  in the mail a couple of weeks ago and it has been playing nearly every day since. This upbeat and energetic kids cd has quickly found its way into our lives - with catchy tunes and quirky lyrics it is exactly the style of kids music we enjoy - which is saying a lot as there isn't a lot of kids music Paul and I like.

The music is danceable and the lyrics are clever, witty and fun. 
Take song 7 entitled "Lionmonkeybacondonkey" - while messing around on Paul's phone one day I discovered that he actually texted some of the lyrics from this song to a friend - the same lyrics I had used in a Facebook status earlier that day;
"I wish I had a monkey on a donkey who knew karate, then no would be mean to me."
How does Ross King think of these things?! 

The songs have become entwined in our daily life - I find myself singing (It's time for bed) "Sleepyhead" each evening to the boys as I get them ready for bed, "Juicebox" at snack time and "Happy to be Me" throughout the day. The song "Don't Do It", which tells children not to eat their boogers, is referred to many times a day now - I think the song might have originally inspired Judah's interest in his boogers, but my sister and I both jump on him when we see where his finger is headed and ask"Now what does the song tell you?" And he stops. I have also caught myself humming his alphabet song as I drift off to sleep. The new tune he gave the alphabet is pretty cool - but it is pretty annoying to have any song stuck in your head when you're trying to sleep! :)

Ross King's Words That Rhyme With Orange cd delivers wholesome, fun musical entertainment the entire family will appreciate and if I could I would buy everyone a copy of this cd because I truly love it.
  His style reminds me of Laurie Berkner (which oddly enough Mel thought too!) and his songs, while fun, all contain a message about respect, love or other values too.

As a side note I want to mention my sisters thoughts on this too - she has worked in daycare and/or as a nanny for the past 5 years. When I asked her opinion she said "I really enjoyed it. It was original. It's not corny or obnoxious like other kids music. He has a very pleasant voice to listen to."

You can listen to samples of the music on Ross Kings website. The music can be purchased either through his website or from Amazon or iTunes. Another side note - it's cheapest to buy the MP3s from Amazon! 

If you purchase his entire cd or just buy some of his songs let me know what you think of it and if it becomes a family favorite like it is now in our home!

This is a Mama Buzz Review and the product was provided by Ross King for review. The thoughts expressed are entirely my own.


Claire said...

Oh this CD sounds cute! I may buy it to listen to with my gang.


`The Kersenbrocks` said...

I like the sound of the songs I listened to. Pretty cute! It may be one to buy...we have very few kid cd's around here at the moment.
Have you ever heard of the Go Fish Guys? They're motto is "Music for kids that won't drive parents crazy." lol They almost have the boy-band sound going on though. I really like their "Mom Song"...you should look that up on youtube.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Really well written review!

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