Leaving On A Jet Plane

Paul left today for Nebraska. He'll be gone for two weeks. 
It is currently 25 F where he's headed. 
While I miss him I don't exactly wish to be where he is.
I am so over cold weather.

We took him to the airport a bit early and sat and in the waiting area.
The TV was all about the airplane crash in Austin, Texas.
A tragic incident and not one I particularly wanted to hear about moments prior to my husband boarding his flight.
So I got up and walked around with the boys. Judah drove his truck.

Wesley was still fascinated with the tv.
Poor sheltered child. This is what happens when we don't let them watch it much at home - they cling to it when we're out in public.

They discovered they could see the airplanes through this one window.

Walking his daddy to the gate.

Demonstrating how an airplane flies.

Final goodbyes.

Walking away.

Outside the airplane-ing continued.

Mimicked by the little one.

Watching the planes.

This is the second time this year Paul has been gone for two weeks and he's had several weekend long trips thrown in there too. Sometimes this life isn't the easiest - especially when the little ones cry and ask where their daddy is. But we are richly blessed and thankful for this job. And we'll be watching the sky each time an airplane flies past to see if daddy is in it.


Sarah said...

I will add your Paul to my prayer list. Lovely blog!!! Your boys are so adorable.

(Love the new blog look too!!! Don't know when you changed it- I was offline for two months while visiting my mom- but it looks fabulous!!)

Claire said...

Oh what a sweet post! I will be thinking of you guys while you are apart.


Erica|UPrinting said...

This is really a sweet post! your boys are very cute, specially their eyes. I think its cool to be the only girl in your family. The photos you post are really great, you really captured the moments.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

You are in my prayers while Paul is away. I do remember how it was when mine were small and Daddy was gone. Joe traveled a lot for a while, so it was very often. Still hoping to visit soon. I had a quick trip over yesterday to go to the student art show @ASU, but had to come back to sub today. Is Esther still there to help? Have a great weekend, and I am so over cold weather too! Jackie

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