Dress Up - Indian Warrior

Over the last couple years I have noticed a serious lack of affordable, manly men dress up clothes for boys. Now that my little manly men are entering the world of imaginative play I have been on the lookout for ideas I can replicate on the cheap.
I love how these Indian headbands (or hippie band as it tends to look on Wesley's head!) turned out. It cost under $5 for the two of them with enough supplies left for 2 or 3 more.
I picked up a bag of leather scraps at Hobby Lobby for $2.50. I also got a bag of long feathers for $2. 
Being that these were scraps the wider pieces of leather were uneven and some had markings on them. The markings add to the 'wild' look and I easily straightened the edges - it won't matter if it is perfectly straight or not.

I held the wider piece of leather around their heads to measure the how long it should be and cut it a bit shy of that. Using sharp scissors I made a hole on either end of the leather large enough for an eyelet - I'm not sure which size they were, but I made the hole large enough for what I had on hand. 
This was hard work to get the perfect size hole in the leather and I was quite thankful that my sister helped me out with it!
I used an eyelet tool kit to set the eyelets and then used the smaller pieces of leather to tie the two ends together.
 I stuck a feather in the back of the headband and called it an Indian Warrior Headdress. 

He sharpened his stick so he could pierce the (imaginary) bad guys.
I kid. 
The stick was found sharp.
 Giving his fierce warrior face. 
Still looks kissable to me. 
I am left wondering - is there a way to secure the feather to the back of this? Would hot glue or super glue bond the feather and the leather together forever?
I have been listening to entirely too many rhyming songs lately.

The next costume I want to work on is a knights helmet and shield - I saw an incredible idea for the helmet in a high end kids catalog (I think it was about $60!!) and then happened to find a wooden shield at the thrift store. Have you seen or made any great boy dress up costumes? I'd love to see!


Anna said...

My brothers were always cowboys-- hat, vest, bandana. The vest mom made from synthetic leather sort of material. Hats were bought, but they lasted forever--the more beat up looking the better I think was their idea. =)

Anonymous said...

After Halloween sales are a good resource too. I got spiderman, a pirate, and superman a couple of years ago for a few bucks each. Walmart and Target mark the leftover costumes down to 75% within a few days.

Rachel H said...

Cute!! Thanks for some dress-up ideas! :) Noah will be thrilled...

Claire said...

What cute costumes! When I had a dress up box in my classroom I just found what I could in thrift shops. My favourite is a red cape I picked up in the States for 50 cents. :-)


Chelsea said...

Hey Jess, I would say hot glue would work fine to attached the feather... :)

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