His Embarrassing Secret Revealed...

A few friends and I started a group a couple of weeks ago on Facebook to encourage ourselves to take more pictures and better pictures. Each week we have two challenges we have to photograph - one of the challenges for this week was low angle photography. I spent part of the morning on my belly with the boys - Judah is fairly easy to photograph as he will follow instructions and hold still for longer than a split second. Wesley on the other hand was hard to photograph as he is always moving!
These two ended up being my favorite though - Wesley with underwear on his head and then seeming to be embarrassed about the first picture.

Let me know if you're interested in joining the photography group, it's just for fun and we'd love to have more people play along each week!


Jessica said...

That group could be really fun.....though I have a feeling I'd feel woefully inadequate in my photog skills.

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun- Details Please?


A. Jannelle said...

I would be interested. Not sure I'd be able to get it done each week but I'd sure love to try.

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