A Closet

We have a tiny closet in our bedroom - it's so small that Paul keeps all of his clothes in the office closet and lets me have our bedroom one to myself. That was working fine until the closet organizer I had in my closet ended up going to the boys closet when I redid their room (which isn't quite complete, pictures to come when it is done!)
So anyways - I had a tiny, unorganized closet and mentioned to Paul that maybe - just maybe- we could knock out the wall between our bedroom closet and the office closet and extend the closet into the office a bit, making one large closet.
Paul said "Uh-huh. Maybe somewhere down the road."
That was two weeks ago.

Paul's parents came to visit this weekend and Paul decided to enable the help of his dad to start on the project - woohoo! I love a man on a mission. 
I hope he realizes that when he says "Somewhere down the road" again I will be thinking it means two weeks from now.

They had to tear up the carpeting and we were thrilled to discover there were finished hardwood floors underneath. Maybe "somewhere down the road" all the carpeting upstairs will be torn up so we can enjoy the beautiful hardwoods.
They've worked hard all day. Or at least his dad has.
I can't wait for this project to be finished!


Empty Nest Full Life said...

Wish I had a place that I could enlarge some closets. Joe says we probably should clean out the ones that we have. I think he is probably right! Can't wait to see what you have done in the boys room, and Paul looks like he is having a blast! What a wonderful father in law, and woo-hoo for those hardwood floors! I say let that carpet be gone. Have a wonderful weekend what's left of it. Jackie

Jessica said...

Oh, fabulous! I do love big closets. Congrats! You're going to love it.

And the "somewhere down the road" meaning "two weeks from now"? Hilarious.

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