Best Foot Forward

While I have been a little slow in updating about my goal for only shopping thrift stores throughout 2010 I have remained true to my goal with great success through the first month of my challenge. Between my sister and my purchases I have many more articles of clothing to photograph! 

Shoes are such an iffy subject when it comes to second hand shopping. I am in the group of people that think it is ok to buy shoes from thrift stores or yard sales so long as they are either brand new or barely worn. 

Finding brand new shoes can be a challenge - finding them in the right size and style is even more difficult! Our local thrift store seems to have oodles of cute, brand new shoes in size 7 and size 12. As a size 9 they are completely useless to me.

Over the last month my sister and I have each found two pairs of shoes that we liked enough to buy. The pair in the top picture are Steve Madden shoes - they aren't something I would normally buy but for $1 and in near-new condition I couldn't pass them up.

These are my sister's - they cost her $2 and originally sell for $80.

This is her other pair - Steve Madden closed toe shoes. She paid $8 at our "expensive" thrift store, but they were something she really wanted. They retail for $80.

And finally these brown suede shoes for myself for $5- with two active boys I have found myself drawn to flats over the last couple years. They're both functional and cute.

I have made an album of Thrift Store Finds to document our finds over this year. The album can be viewed HERE

What about you - what are your thoughts on buying shoes second hand?


`The Kersenbrocks` said...

Adorable shoes!!
I don't mind buying shoes second hand. I try to stick to new or looks-new though, like you. I'm a common size--7 1/2, but I still don't find anything very often.

Shannon said...

I love the brown flats!

Jessica said...

I have no problem buying new or almost new shoes secondhand. No problem whatsoever. As a size 8, sometimes I hit the jackpot.....sometimes nada.

Great finds, though. Those Steve Maddens are terrific.

Stacy said...

I don't mind buying shoes secondhand. I'm a 6.5 wide so it can be tricky to find anything that fits. The silver sandals I wore to my sister's wedding cost me $10. I wouldn't normally have paid that much for them but I was getting down to the wire and didn't want to have to resort to going to a store and paying more.
Oh, and the dress I wore to her wedding also cost me $10 and I got tons of compliments on it.

Catherine said...

I recently bought a couple pairs of dress shoes from the thrift store. One pair looked like it had never been worn (bottom of shows completely clean) and one looked new enough. I would be more hesitant to buy tennis shoes second hand though due to foot sweat and stuff.

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