Spoon People

I couldn't like these quirky spoon people any more! 

They were so much fun to make with Judah (age 3) and somewhat of a pain to make with Wesley (1.5) but we did have a fun time sitting around the table together even if Wesley kept stealing all the googly eyes.
These really are easy and inexpensive to make and I would recommend it for age 3 and up - obviously the older the child the less hands on the parent has to be.
I picked up a couple packs of wooden spoons at the Dollar Tree. Each pack comes with three wooden spoons in three different sizes. Have kids that will squabble over who gets the tallest spoon? Buy two packs and then give them each the shortest tallest one from each pack. Problem solved!

The other supplies we used were:
Googly eyes
Permanent marker
Sea shells
These spoon people are rather easy going and would be grateful to be dressed in whatever you have laying around your home.

I started out by drawing faces on the front side of the spoon - Judah didn't want to draw his own and Wesley lacks certain coordination skills to draw his own. 
Wesley wanted two different size eyes on his person and Judah wanted his frowning.
(I actually didn't glue the eyes on until the end as it made it easier to work with the spoons without worrying about drying glue!)
The boys picked out the color pipe cleaner they wanted and worked on wrapping the pipe cleaner around the handle of the spoon. Arms were easily formed using a second same color pipe cleaner. For the pants they picked a different color and then wrapped it around the spoon too. 

Judah chose to use this sea shell as a hat for his spoon person. I copied the idea and did the same for Wesley.

Judah's spoon person.

Wesley's spoon person.

My sister Esther's spoon person.

My spoon person.

Welcome to our lives spoon people! I will do all that is in my power to ensure you are never eaten off of.


Sarah said...

ROFLOL...oh that is SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where do you get all these ideas? You need to write a book one day!!

Nicole said...

LOL those are hilariously awesome!

Rachel said...

Cute! Another great idea...off to the dollar store for me! ;)

Elizabeth Peck said...

Oh, Jessica, we would have such fun together if we lived closer!!! :)

I admire your inspiration and the time you spend with your kids.

BeckeyZ said...

hee hee....their faces remind me of the faces I used to draw on the kids fingers when we would be out somewhere and they'd be getting antsy. This was usually while shopping. Then they would play with their "finger people".

Adorable! I love the spoon people y'all made!

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