Sewing Table - Before and After

Last summer I picked up this table for $3 at a yard sale. It took me up until a few weeks ago to finish it and I love how it turned out! This is in our entrance way by the front door.

I did take before pictures but I can't find them anywhere. I remembered seeing Sarah post the sewing table she found at the side of the road last year and asked her if I could borrow her "before" picture as mine was in similar shape to hers - she graciously said yes. 

So here are her before pictures:
 I honestly thought we had identical tables until I put them side by side and saw that we definitely don't have the same table - just very, very similar! Check out what Sarah did to her table.


I sanded mine down and had every intention of painting it but once it was sanded I liked the look of it and rubbed three coats of polyurethane on it and voila!
I used the MiniWax Fast Drying Clear Gloss and followed the instructions on the can.

You can see the picture of the boys waiting to be hung and a Spring arrangement I came up with last week.
I love my priorities - that picture has been waiting to be hung for months and yet I made the time to make an Eastery/Spring arrangement a month early.
The table still has the sewing machine inside it - it makes it a dead weight to move, but I think it adds to the charm knowing there is an ancient sewing machine inside of it. Even if I am the only one to know it's in there.


Wendy said...

Beautiful sewing cabinet, and great job on your refinishing. I love finds like that! Have a great weekend!

Claire said...

What a cute table! You did such a good job!


Keetha Broyles said...

It is absolutely stunning!!!

I'm so thankful there is NO white or black paint on it.

LOVE that wood!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Looks great! I think there is one hiding somewhere at Ansley's that I might work on re-doing. I am coming to Aug the 10 or 11 of March. There is an awards ceremony to recognize the Honor Students, etc. Hope I can see you then. When is the base yard sale, and maybe we can get together when I am over in a couple of weeks.

Sandy said...

What a good job you did on this cabinet!


gail@myrepurposedlife.blogspot.com said...

wow! it looks great! What a steal! you did a super job.

vanilla143 said...

Oh my word that table is beautiful! Great job!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

THAT is beautiful!! You did good -- love the natural stain. I cannot believe that was $3!!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

It's absolutly beautiful! I think the stain is wonderful!

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