Party Boy

He turned three and I forgot to share his birthday pictures. 
I didn't take many.
I think because I am finding it hard to accept that my baby is three.
And somehow thought if I didn't photograph the party then it wouldn't really be true.
But I did take this one. 
He loved his party hat and asked each of us to wear one that evening.
And then he beamed as we sang him happy birthday.
And he puffed up his cheeks to prepare to blow out his three candles.
And he blew them out. All by himself. In one puff.
Three is so much older than two.


Heather said...

You are so right. I agree that being three is different. When the kids were two or under, I could still think of them as babies. Three was a toddler officially. I did not like it one bit, although I have to say three year-olds are pretty stinkin cute!

Claire said...

Such a cute, cute photo!


BeckeyZ said...

Isn't it tough on their birthdays? It just about kills me. Ben will be 9 this Tuesday and I feel like crying. I don't even want to THINK about next year when he'll be 10. Oh boy.

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