Sunny South?

The first snowfall he is old enough to remember. 
He cried when we made him come in.
He wanted to run around in it, in his underwear, some more.
He gets it from his father.

At least this one had the decency to wear a t-shirt along with his diaper.

This snow is crazy for down here.
What's crazier is that everywhere is going to shut down for this amount of snow.
We had date plans for this evening and we're about to call to see if the places are shut down or if we are actually able to go out for an evening.

I think this may kill the beautiful roses.


Rachel said...

Adorable picture of Judah in his underwear! You really know how to capture the moment, 20 years from now, he's going to thank you! ;)

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh does this EVER bring back memories!!! Once when our "baby" (who is now 21) was 3 or 4, I looked up one day just in time to see him scoot past the window (outside in the snow - - - much deeper than what you show here) in NOTHING but his "whitie tighties" and his COWBOY BOOTS!!!!

His brother, who was in Jr. High at the time, DARED him to do it.

Bethany said...

I am so glad you posted this today. I had to work this evening and came home to a story about Josh going outside by himself, unknown by any of the four grown people inside, wearing my snow boots. At least he had more clothes on than Judah. They found him outside sitting in the neighbor's backyard saying, "I'm cold. Cold, cold." I've heard horror stories about small children who get outside when it's cold out like this. Thankfully it wasn't under 30 degrees today.

Yea for snow in Georgia though! You are a crazy Momma to let him run outside in his undies... I think the roses will be fine.

Claire said...

Oh so sweet!


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