A Morning of Shopping

Have I ever mentioned that www.craigslist.com is one of my favorite websites? We've gotten all sorts of cool things from the site - chairs, clothes, toys, a job! :) And lately I have been using it to track garage sales. Yesterday I just happened to notice that the base was having a community yard sale, so I made a mental note to stop by today.

Judah decided to get up at 7:30 this morning, so we had a fairly early start to the yard sales - we were there a little after 8 (Which is when they started) and didn't get home till just after 1! It was tiring, but we got some nice things for great deals and Judah was as sweet as could be, despite the 90F weather!

It seems like a lot to say we spent $51 at yard sales ... that is a lot of $1s and $5s and quarters :)
But we really did get great things!! And I had been saving my May blow money for something special, and was able to get that "something special" today.

I didn't take pictures of any of my things, but for myself I got:
6 pairs of maternity pants/jeans for $1 each!!
3 maternity shirts
2 Banana Republic dresses, brand new with tags reading $160 and $140! I paid $15 for both (this was my "special" blow money purchase :)

The other $26 was spent on Judah ... perhaps it was a bit much to spend on him for yard sale stuff, but he's going to look super cute, and I can turn around and sell almost everything I bought for a profit if I actually end up feeling guilty about what I spent :)

He modeled my favorite pieces.

A leather bomber jacket. Isn't it just so cool?! I love it!!
Mr. Muscles showing off his wooden toy - I am such a fan of classic, wooden toys. I hate ugly plastic toys. This has activities on each side, and then the cool thing on the top. Love it!
Looking studly in his new dress clothes and shoes. Um, ok, these are the first real dress clothes he's owned :) Including the shoes the whole set was $3!

Some clothes for him to grow into:
8 long sleeve shirts
4 pairs of pants/jeans

16 t-shirts that all meet my picky standards :)
3 shirts
3 pajama pants
5 summer pajama sets
14 pairs of socks
Judah got a few books and I got a couple different looking games for our collection too :) It was a fun, fun morning!!


Stacy said...

You did do well! I think the garage sales are done for the season here. :(
I love classic toys too...I'm always on the lookout for good wooden toys. Its worth it to pay a bit more for quality when it lasts!

Bethany said...

Yea, yea, and yea!!! Garage sale season is just beginning in NY and I look forward to it with eager anticipation this year!

The Rock Chick said...

The garage sales are just getting into full gear around here! I love to poke around them. You can really find great things!!

Looks like you got some tremendous deals! (as usual!)

Fire Hunt said...

I love Garage sales! I have not done the CVS thing but I will let you know when I do.

mel said...

Oh those big blue eyes and that studly suit! CUTE! :D

Nash said...

Love shopping, specially when it's apparel shopping at DJ Premium.

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