A Man in the Kitchen

Thursday night I was making a return at Target and Paul called me with a couple items he wanted me to pick up:
-Corn Syrup
-Microwavable Popcorn
-Pretzel Rods
He didn't need to tell me - I knew. His craving for gourmet popcorn had finally gotten to strong to resist.
Ever since our anniversary trip to Charleston where we discovered Harry & David's and tried their gourmet popcorn Paul has been talking about making his own. Not just making his own - but making it better than what we ate. He's good at that kind of thing, and I love it :)
He likes to recreate things that we try when we're out. It's not only cheaper, but it's also more fun, more readily available and usually tastes better too.
His popcorn turned out quite impressive. If he'll share the recipe I'll post it on the other blog a bit later :)


Sarge Charlie said...

that looks good to me

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Fire Hunt said...

So was it good?

Beth said...

mmm! That looks GREAT! I'm a huge fan of popcorn...I'll be watching for the recipe :)

yoismom said...

Where's the "other blog"? I'll be watching for the recipe too :)

Bethany said...

Beg him to post it. The popcorn looks very yummy :)

Mel's Mom said...

m-m-m-!! Looks yummy!!

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