Our Day

This is what I called Judah's dancing chicken ... but I realized the other day it's actually a duck doing the chicken dance. *I don't get it.*

It's been a long day. Made longer by the fact that Judah was up from 4:30 - 6:30 am with a bad cough, and that Paul left for work 15 1/2 hours ago and *still* is not home.

Judah wouldn't go down for a morning nap and was just so miserable - poor guy was exhausted but couldn't stop coughing. So I dropped him off at his grandparents and ran to the store to get him some stuff. My "quick run" turned in to nearly two hours because the two stores I needed to get stuff from were packed and understaffed. It was insane.
When I picked him up he was even more exhausted but was sweetly cuddly. We cuddled a bit, I gave him some meds and rubbed vapor rub on his chest and put him down for his nap - he slept for four hours!!
And when he awoke he was delightfully sweet and fun and much more like his little self :)

Judah has a very limited vocabulary. His two favorite and most popular words are "daddy" (or "dada") and "Judah." He's said "momma" about a handful of times, but today said it twice.
And while at his grandparents he supposedly said "Grandpa" too. :)


Bethany said...

I honestly think it's a chick... See, it has clawed feet. Ducks have webbed feet, and chicks are yellow too. :)

Sorry you had such a looong day. But yea for cuddly boys. I guess that would make up for his crabbiness. Hope he feels better today.

Fire Hunt said...

Sorry to hear that your little one is not feeling good:( Hope he feels better today.

Anonymous said...

oh he is so cute!! Look at those curls! =)

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