Coupon Book

Since I asked everyone for ideas on how to organize my coupons I thought I would post a picture of what I ended up doing :) I was inspired by a lot of the ideas, and ended up using a three ring binder and pencil cases from the dollar store. The pencil cases have a zipper across the top and a clear plastic window.
I have six of them, but I think I'll buy a few more to make organization even more efficient.
Right now the coupons are sorted as such;
Baby items
Household items
Beauty/Toiletry items
Specific Store coupons (Bath & Body Works, Military Store coupons, etc.)
Dairy/Produce/Frozen Food items
Shelf/Boxed items

Someone from church saves her Sunday coupons just for me :) So I have quite a nice stash of coupons.
I've also gotten some good ones online.
Like THIS ONE HERE for a $2.25 coupon towards Silk Soy Milk. If you hit the back button on your browser you can print two of these. I am *so bummed* because I printed these but our printer was on a weird setting and it only printed two black blocks... and then it said I had printed my limit and I can't print any more!! Very disappointing!

Then there's also a coupon RIGHT HERE for Live Active Cheese. It's for $2.00 off one package, and again, if you hit the back button on your browser you can print two of these. This one did work for me, but I'd rather drink milk than eat cheese =)


Stacy said...

That's a good idea! I use a 3-ring binder with 4x6 photo pocket pages (2 pockets/page), and put coupons in there. It works pretty well at keeping them from falling out, and its not too thick. Unfortunately we've gotten so picky about processed foods that I'm hardly using any of the coupons that I get in the paper.

Bethany said...

How do you find online coupons?

mel said...

Yes, how DO you find those online coupons?

And, I thought I'd tell you that I just read this today, printed out that coupon for soy milk (since I can't have dairy, I LOVE soy milk.)

Anyways, so at Fred Meyers they were on sale for $2.29... So check out that deal! THANKS MAN!! :)

The Rock Chick said...

You know, I really don't save coupons because I buy everything I can at Aldi Foods and then I get whatever else I need at Jewel/Albertsons, but I tend to stick with the store brands instead of name brands. I've still found this way to be the cheapest way to shop for me.

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