Sweetest Deal Yet

There is very little that beats getting things for pennies or free. But, my bloggy friends, I have found a new level of thrills with couponing and deal shopping. Getting paid to take the items! Granted, I was not paid much - but after ringing up my items the cashier said, in a surprisingly matter of fact way, "I owe you .15 cents." As if she always has to pay her customers money to take their items with them :)
I had coupons for everything in the picture, and the wipes were on sale (ended today) which made for some overage on the coupons, which covered the tax and my .15 cent profit.

All but the dishwasher soap coupons were found HERE. They are Food Lion coupons, so you need a Food Lion store near you to make it worthwhile :) I think they expire in July, so we've printed a ton of coupons and plan on stocking up on the baby items between now and then :)


Anonymous said...

wow, that's impressive! Now if only I could figure out how to do this when I shop for clothes and shoes...hahahah! =)

Nicole said...

Sheesh! I need to figure out how to get deals like this. You're crazy cool! ;o)

Fire Hunt said...

You are good at geting all the deals:)

The Rock Chick said...

You are amazing! I've never heard of Food Lion so I don't think we have those in Chicago.

I can't believe the savings you are finding! The value of these items is almost like having a part time job. This is totally cool!

Of, course, I still haven't been to CVS yet! LOL I'm going, I'm going!

Mel's Mom said...

While I really am happy for your great deals- we've discovered we have NO FoodLions OR CVS stores anywhere in our area (we don't even have a CVS in our state!)- Congratulations to you, though!

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