Indirectly Direct

This morning I was watching two kids for a friend.

Out of the blue the ten year old says to me; "We aren't allowed to ask for food."

The eight year old says; "Ya ... even if we're starving. We were told not to ask. I'm starving."

Me; "Did you eat breakfast this morning?"

Eight year old; "Yes, but I'm still starving."

Me; "Oh, that's too bad." (I know, horrible of me to leave them hanging, but it was just too funny! I had to know where they would take this.)

A few minutes later...

Ten year old; "If you offer food to us we're allowed to eat it. We just can't ask."

:) I love the creativity in not actually disobeying in asking for food! Because, technically, they never did ask.


mel said...

That sounds like something my older sister and I would do. Hilarious! Those sneaky kids! :)

And to answer your question: No, the flowers aren't real, but aren't they cute!
I got them at Craft Warehouse... They are on sale 2 for .50, and the pot was 1.50! yay for Mel!

Nicole said...

Haha smart kids!

Anonymous said...

haahha, what a cute conversation! This brings me back to my babysitting days.

Cute blog here!

The Rock Chick said...

Kids are so cute! I've told my kids not to ask for food at the neighbors house because they eat her out of house and home. I'm not kidding! I'm sure mine have pulled something like that, too!


Bethany said...

Reminds me of my neighborhood kid visitors... "Bethany, do you have any popsicles left?" or "Can I have..." I really don't mind, but I do wonder what their mothers would think if they knew!

Becoming Me said...

Toooooo funny. I am working on my four year old about similar issues. She is constantly inviting herself over to friends homes for play dates and she also has bad habits of asking for snacks. She's four so their is room here, but still I am trying to nip it in the bud. Very creative kids.

Fire Hunt said...

I can see my kids doing these:)

Becki said...

lol Sounds like they've learned to work the system!

Donna said...

So did you feed those poor starving children? :D

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