35 weeks

This is what the baby inside me right now potentially looks like :) Judah was born five weeks early, and on Monday I will be five weeks from my due date! Crazy thought.
I have a routine appointment on the 10th and then go back on the 17th and the Doctor will remove the stitch (that's holding my cervix closed.)
He said to come in to the hospital prepared for the baby to be born then ... or anytime in the following weeks.
It's like peeking in a pile of shopping bags and knowing that one of the gifts in there is intended just for you, but not knowing when you'll get it - suspense.

We are pretty much all ready for the little bundle to arrive ... I mean, really, other than needing a car seat there isn't a whole lot mandatory one needs for a baby ... and as we learnt with Judah, you can just run out and buy a car seat if the baby comes first :)

One thing I had hoped to do was make and freeze a bunch of meals ahead of time. But we soon discovered our little freezer-on-top-of-our-fridge wasn't really adequate for holding too much, and the few meals I did have prepared and frozen we've eaten on days I just felt lazy or tired :)
However, I think we may be getting a full size freezer!! I found one on Craigslist that sounded like a nice one, for a decent price. I told Paul about it and he called. He talked the person down 1/3 in price! :) Tonight he's going to drive out to check it out, and if it's as described, he'll be bringing it home!
Now I needed to get some disposable dishes and start planning dishes I can prepare now to eat later.


Bethany said...

For a second, when I saw the picture, I thought you had your baby. Glad to hear baby is still going on growing where it is safest to do so. Oh, the suspense now.... I am eagerly anticipating good news sometime in the nest six weeks (hopefully five).

Does the church you attend not prepare meals for new mommies? Our church used to do so and it is such an amazing help. Anybody you can ask to help?

Jessica Morris said...

No, they do make meals!! They make delicious meals, and do so for quite awhile :)
But it's really easy to make extra of supper one night and then stick it in the freezer.
So while we wouldn't *need* it for right after the baby is born, it would be handy for weeks after the baby is born ... or like I said - for lazy days before the baby comes :)

The Rock Chick said...

Awwwww! My son was born at 35 weeks, too! I was used to 8 lb. babies and he was 5. Big difference!!!!

Thats a great idea with the meals. Usually on Sundays if we have time, my hubby will cook several things like spaghetti or a roast and then we will freeze them in individual serving bags. This way when the kids are running like crazy with their activities, we're not so tempted to hit a drive-thru for junky food because there's always something in the freezer.

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