Budget Busters

I was doing some blog hopping and somewhere along the way found a link to a bunch of articles written by Donna Freedman on MSN Money. I have started reading through them and thoroughly enjoy her thoughts and writing style. Check her out!
She links to lots of other resources and blogs. Following one of the links I came across the starter of the 5 Budget Busters Challenge Meme.
So I thought I would jump in and play!

The rules are simple:

"The rules of the challenge are that you have to tag 3 people to carry it on and link back to the person who tagged you. Please also use the graphic at the top of this post. You can link to it or copy and paste it."

We are very careful with our money, but there are definitely things we buy or pay for that challenge our budget. My Five Budget Busters are:

1. Netflix. I justify in my head that the $17.11 each month is necessary for my sanity, especially when Paul is away for days on end :) I know I could live without it. But I'm just not willing to give it up!

2. Clothes for Judah. Especially at .25 cents a piece. If they're stylish, good condition and his size (or a size he'll grow into in the next three years...) then I have been guilty of buying it. A child only needs so many t-shirts, jeans and jackets - I have never paid very much for his clothes, but he has enough for three kids. I tell myself I can turn around and sell the clothes for a profit. But I don't think I could ever part with them.

3. Losing weight. An odd one I know, but I found as I lost weight with Judah I wanted to buy clothes for my new size so that I felt good and not frumpy. Even tho I have the clothes from when I had Judah the actual act of shopping for clothes is half the fun in feeling good, so I know I'll be fighting (but probably giving in to...) that urge.

4. McDonalds Ice Coffee. I think the Large is about $2. I bought one when they first came out a year or so ago and thought they were gross. I don't know if they've changed how they make it, or if being pregnant has changed my taste buds, but I now LOVE their Iced Coffee. $2 sounds cheap ... but I once bought three in one day. In my defense it had been a sleepless night and I needed something to keep me happy :)

5. The middle aisles of the grocery store. I make a list when I go to the grocery store, and I am fairly strict about sticking to it. Most of what I buy is from the outer "ring" of the grocery store and I very rarely go down any of the aisles. But when I do go down the aisles I am so tempted by the attractive packaging or the big "sale" signs or sudden pregnant cravings. Those little things can easily add an extra $5 - $20 a week to the grocery bill. That's a lot for a spur of the moment decision!

The three people I will tag are:

1. Alison
2. Chelsea
3. Bethany


The Rock Chick said...

I love those McDonald's iced coffees, too! Fortunately, there's no McD's on my direct routes throughout the day so I'm not tempted to get them all the time. LOL

Everything lately seems like a budget buster, but you do need to splurge a bit on some things, like Netflix, for your sanity. You are so good at saving money and finding deals that I wouldn't worry about that one!

Ally D said...

Ok, so I loved most of yours, and definitly "got" them-thanks for the tag. I enjoyed doing them, and Ted enjoyed brainstorming both of ours!

Crystal said...

I always shop hungry and NEVER stick to my list. Now I have a personal shopper (aka "dad" lol) who buys for me when he goes for himself most weekends, and even though I decided to pay him a little for his time, he saves me sooo much money. I'm an impulse buyer big time at the grocery store.

Crystal said...

Ok, I should clarify. I pay him a little *extra* for his time. I pay for my own groceries. ;)

Bethany said...

Okay, I did my tag. I had a hard time coming up with the list, though. And if I thought longer, I'm sure I'd think of all different things.

Bethany said...

Hey, thanks for the link to moneysavingmom. She has some pretty helpful posts there, which I will be exploring further when Josh is napping. Maybe I'll even learn how to shop for free!

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