Fresh From the Oven

I love having Paul home! Last night was the second time since his surgery that he's made bread! Yum! He does an impressive job at making bread - we finished off this loaf within five minutes of it coming out of the oven :)
He is experimenting with freezing bread dough so that he can make large batches at once and freeze the extra, then we can have fresh bread anytime we want to just stick it in the oven! I'll let you know how that goes :)
His recipe for this loaf can be found at the recipe blog - Big Mo's Bread.

Tomorrow Old Navy is having a sale on their flip flops - Five pairs for $5! Adults and kids are included and it's a one day only sale. These are usually $3.50 each, so it's a pretty good deal.
Paul bought two pairs last summer and they have lasted him all year (because yes, he did wear them all winter long. He's weird like that. But he makes good bread. So I get over it.)

As long as Baby Mo allows, we plan on hitting the sale and building up our flip flop collection. We even plan on getting Judah a couple pairs to see if he is coordinated enough to wear them :) He has massive feet and has already out grown his size 7 shoes that I bought him a couple months ago.


Rebecca Weller (PCS) said...

Hey Jessica!
I've been thinking about you and I'm so excited for your new arrival!! I hope everything goes as planned or better!
I also read your birthing plan and I was really impressed. I just finished nursing school so I actually knew what you were talking about!!
I remember when I was pregnant with Aaron I couldn't wait for him to be born. Good luck with your wait, I'm sure it'll happen when you least expect it :)

Bethany said...

Argg!! I wish I had read this post yesterday! I really would've loved to stock up while I was out today!

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