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I am making an attempt this week to fill our freezer with food. Every supper will be at least doubled, so that we can have quick and easy meals for lazy days ahead :)

I made a new dip this evening - Curried Carrot Spread. Does anyone know if it would work to freeze? It's just carrots, peas and onions pretty much.

Paul has been inspired and is whipping up a batch or two of his Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yum! I can't wait :)

My mother in law gave me a new cookbook for my birthday - Fix It and Forget It Cookbook - and I have four new recipes from it that I intend to try this week. We'll see if I am so inspired as the week goes on :)

Paul and Judah decided to celebrate my birthday a bit early - yesterday I was treated to an afternoon at the Spa from the two of them! :) It was really, really nice.
Just before our wedding I had gotten a manicure done, and at the wedding someone commented on it, and asked me if I'd gotten a pedicure done too. I hadn't, and said so. The person responded that it was a shame I hadn't, and I really should get one done.
I have often thought back on that comment and laughed about it. It's just such a random and odd comment to make. And I happen to like remembering random and odd things people say or do to make myself laugh when I'm bored.

Anyways... ever since that day I've wanted a pedicure. If it's important enough to tell a bride that it's a shame she didn't get one, well, it must be pretty good, huh?
A couple months ago when Paul asked what I wanted for my birthday (yes, my husband is a rare breed. He starts thinking about birthday and Christmas gifts months before the event. I like it. But feel pressure to do the same for him ;) I told him that I would love a pedicure before this baby was born. You know, so that while my legs are hoisted up I can lay back and look at my pretty toes. And then remember the comment made at the wedding. And then laugh to myself.
So anyways... I mentioned the pedicure once. Maybe twice. Months ago. And the dear man remembered. And not only remembered, but went above and beyond.
He bought me a package which included a pedicure, a facial and a maternity massage. Happy, happy birthday to me. :)

When I got home later that afternoon him and Judah were ready to go out to eat at my favorite restaurant. He'd asked me last week what my favorite restaurant was. My response was something along the lines of "Well, it depends on what day it is."
Yesterday my favorite restaurant was this great Greek place we discovered a couple months ago. The food is delish and the staff is super nice. One appetizer and one main course has enough food for the three of us for supper and enough left overs for all three of us for lunch the next day! And it is just.so.good!


Fire Hunt said...

Happy b-day!

Bethany said...

Aw, happy early birthday :)

I had a pedicure once. It really was very nice, except for the fact that I didn't know I was going and hadn't shaved my legs that morning (or for several days... ew). It was a special treat though and my toes looked pretty for days.

The Rock Chick said...

Happy Early Birthday!! Paul is such a sweetie! He seems very thoughtful. Did you like the pedicure?

I never thought I would like them, but once I had one, I really do. We have one guy at our nail salon that paints the coolest designs on my toes, too. I always get compliments on my pedicures. The Desperate Housewives voted me "Best Toenails On The Block" at the pool last year, too. LOL

WHat an honor!!!!

Glad you had a great day!!! I love Greek food, too!

Crystal said...

Pedicures are wonderful. What a sweet gift. :) Happy early birthday! (When is it, anyway?)

And YES I knew what cannellini beans were. I watch too much FoodTV. ;) They're popular in some Italian foods.

Crystal said...

Ooh forgot.

I'm thinking since the veggies are cooked, that it might freeze ok. I'd freeze a small amount and check it 2-3 weeks later before freezing a large amount though, just in case. The texture may suffer, or it might get weepy, but since it's cooked, it just might work.

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