Learning New Skills


Nicole said...

I didn't know Paul played the guitar :o)

Lorne's been playing for 8 years now and recently traded in his electric guitar and amp for a classical guitar. After the trade in we only had to pay $50 for a guitar that was worth $550!!! It is beautiful sounding and I am super happy Lorne got it!

When we have kids I really hope they want to learn to play the guitar. Lorne would love that!

Bethany said...

This photo reminds me of Joshua and my hubby. It's so sweet to watch the two of them when Adam plays guitar to Josh. Looks like Judah loves when his daddy plays to him too!

Fire Hunt said...

My hubby is learning to play the guitar.

Jody said...

I take this post as a sign baby isn't here yet ;) Waiting to hear some great news!!

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