Just Hanging Out!

Judah's new buddy, on our back porch

I am still hanging out, waiting for Baby Mo to make the first move :) The hospital bag is all ready... has been for ages, but now it sits near the front door ready to grab.

Judah has been at his 'grandparents' house since Tuesday, since we were so sure some sort of action would occur by now! But since I am not even feeling contractions we decided it was silly to have him away from us, so he is back sleeping in his own bed tonight.
We both missed him, but it was nice to be able to get so much uninterrupted sleep and not have to lift him!
Paul is feeling much better since the surgery, but still has some tenderness. He is still off work until Tuesday.

We've been getting a lot of use out of Netflix! Most recently we watched The Spiderwick Chronicles. I was slightly disgusted that they chose to insert four inappropriate words into a kids movie, but other than that LOVED this movie! It was very different, but creative and cute :)


Crystal said...

Watch Mo come tonight now that Judah is home. :)

The Rock Chick said...

I was going to say exactly what Crystal said! Baby Mo is more stubborn about appearing than Judah was, huh?

I know how hard it is to wait especially once a doctor says "any day now!". My first baby was almost 3 weeks late! They had me going every day to the doctor because my doc doesn't believe in inducing unless there is some reason for it. He said as long as everything looked fine in there, I just had to wait. That was a long wait! LOL

My second baby was 2 weeks late and the third was born one day after her due date. She's still the only punctual one to this day! LOL My son was born 6 weeks early due to pregnancy complications so I think I've been on all ends of the baby waiting thing!

Still, I'm anxious to see a photo of "Baby Mo" and find out what his real name is :)

Bethany said...

Good to hear the "Baby Mo" is still going on growing where it is safe and warm. When I was anxiously awaiting Joshua's arrival, I tried to convince myself that "No one wanted an undercooked baby." Not entirely true when the due date is coming so soon.

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