My Boy

Judah is growing and changing so much every day - it's so much fun!!

He loves to grab on to Paul or my leg and "walk" around with us. It makes walking slower. M.u.c.h. s.l.o.w.e.r. But slowing down and enjoying the moment is important, and I try to enjoy those slow moments :)

From the minute he wakes up he asks "Wassat?" and points out different objects. I think we get asked this a hundred times a day. Which means we should have a super intelligent child, right?!
A buddy of Paul's gave Judah a book on the human body (a very appropriate gift as he's studying to be a doctor. I love when the gift has the personality of the giver.) Anyways, Judah adores looking at this book and asking "wassat?" on each page. I think it is the dullest book ever written. Thankfully Judah hates being read to, so I only need to tell him what each thing is that he points to :) I don't have to read what's written (unless I don't know what he's pointing at... then I read real quick the description beside the picture. Smart me.)

Judah is entirely clueless that he will soon go from only child to oldest child. I try to get him to rub the belly to say hi to his brother, but he treats the belly more like a drum set. He will occasionally give it a kiss, but it doesn't mean much. He kisses the knees of strangers when we're out in stores.
I pulled out the Moses Basket the other day in an attempt to get ready for the baby, and Judah tried laying in it. :) He is entirely too big for it, but it was cute.


The Rock Chick said...

Awwww. Judah's a sweetie and he will be a great big brother! He may not get it 'til he sees the baby, but my kids were always excited when the next one came!

Anonymous said...

with jack (like judah) he was to young to tell about the baby, but we still tired! we tired teaching him her name and talked about the baby all the time! he still didnt have a clue! but when rob brought him into the room and he saw emily its like he just KNEW! he loved on her and was gentle with her and it made my heart melt! that moment i was never in love with anyone more then i was with my family! and you will have that moment too! look forward to it and then keep it in your heart forever! good luck with everything!

Nicole said...

I remember being so excited when I found out I would have a younger sister! I can't wait to see pictures of your 2 boys together.

Bethany said...

So, it's finally surfaced. Your having a boy! Yea! Now Judah will have someone to wrestle with and catch tadpoles with and all that good stuff.

Judah is so adorable. Those curls are great!

Fire Hunt said...

Two boys how fun! I love boys:)

Jeanie said...

Kisses the knees of strangers....oh, what an ADORABLE BOY!

I wish we lived closer to each other so I could take in some of that Judah charm in person!


TammyIsBlessed said...

Emma did that "wassat" question all.the.time too! Ah, the memories! Of course, it was back when that "wassup" beer commercial was on all the time so that made it even funnier.

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