Water Baby

Paul left this morning for two nights. Now is a good time for him to have left me and the little dude on our own - Judah seems to be on a pooping strike!! So while I will still have to be the sole changer of all his diapers for the next couple of days there won't be much of the yucky stuff in there to clean up!

It is amazing to me how Judah can go from fussy to completely happy and all smiles just from me picking him up and cuddling him a little bit. I love when he lays in my arms and grins up at me. He's just so cute!

Yesterday I had someone tell me that Judah looked "so big! I thought he was five months old!!" and a few hours later someone else said "He is so small! He looks like he is just one month old." I haven't a clue why someone would think he looked five months old... I think they've either never seen a five month old or they need new glasses. Judah is still pretty tiny. He is almost 11 weeks old and the newborn size clothes still sit a little big on him. I think he is probably somewhere in the nine pound range now.

I can't wait to be able to take him to the beach some day soon for him to get in the water- he LOVES bath time so we're hoping he will love the ocean!! Several weeks ago we gave up on trying to bathe him in his little bathtub - he screamed the entire time! Now he gets a bath with either Paul or me and he will lay back in the tub and splash his arms and legs around. It is so cute to watch, and makes for a happier bath time for all of us!!

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