I had a History Lesson today

For 60 miles I saw huge signs letting everyone know that RUBY FALLS is up ahead and that RUBY FALLS is family friendly and that RUBY FALLS can't be missed. By the time I got to the exit for Ruby Falls I decided that if they put so much effort into telling me I couldn't miss it, then I truly could not miss it. How is this for a funny joke though - Ruby Falls is exit 174 on I-24 - the exact same exit that I bought a tire at on my way to see Chrissie and that I blogged about earlier. Small world, eh?
So anyways, I exit to see this must see attraction. Turns out that Ruby Falls is a waterfall that is in a cave, and you have to pay $15 for an hour long tour of it. Sounded cool, but not alone with a baby. So I declined the tour and was slightly disappointed that I had exited for no reason.
But then this nice man told me that I should drive to the top of the mountain to see Point Park. I am so glad I did! At the top of Lookout Mountain is a military national park -Chickamauga and Chattanooga. It was a battlefield between the Union and Confederate armies in 1863.
Cool random fact about this battle: Ulysses S. Grant was the man that led the Union army and his aggressive strategy ended the siege of Chattanooga and as a result of his achievements there Abraham Lincoln rewarded him in 1864 by making him the general-in-chief of all Union armies.

The park costs $3 admission.

Some pictures and facts:

Point Park's Entrance Gate was constructed in 1905 by the US Corps of Engineers and is the largest replica of the Corps' insignia in the world.

This large monument is in the center of the park. It is called the New York Peace Memorial. On top of the shaft a Union and Confederate soldier shake hands under one flag, signifying peace and brotherly love. The monument is 95 feet high.

Two 12 pounder Napoleon Cannons, named for Emperor Napoleon III of France, identify one of three Confederate artillery positions inside the park that mark a very small segment of the siege lines that once encircled Chattanooga.
This type of smooth-bore cannon was one of the standard weapons used by both sides during the civil war. The guns could fire a 12 pound projectile 1,700 yards.

If you click on these pictures the images will become big enough for you to read what is written on each plaque.


Sarge Charlie said...

Good history lesson Jessica, I love this kind of stuff, the story goes that Chickamuga Creek ran red with the blood of soldiers killed in the battle of Chickamuga. You were about 30 miles from my birthplace, Trion,Ga

That was my Grandmother and Grandfather in the photo, when they were married 11/20/1904.

The Rock Chick said...

wow! great pics, Jessica! it really sounds like you are enjoying your trip! I'm glad :)

Jessica (the rock chick one)

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