Whenever you drive on to a military base there are always guards who check your ID before you can enter. They also do 'random vehicle inspections' - which means you pull over to the side, open every door and compartment and pop the trunk and hood for them to check. I haven't had to do the inspections very often, but today they got me. They pulled me over - and then Judah made me so proud - he started hollering and screaming, which made the guards embarrassed and apologetic, and made it go faster. The inspection is such a hassle and pain I am glad Judah voiced what I can not voice!! "WAAAAH!"

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Ryanne said...

One day I asked Micah about how they pick and he told me if you see a hot girl pulled over, they were probably trying to figure out if they could get her number *insert eye rolling icon here*.

Of course, since it's an Army base and not Marine Corps they could just being doing their job :p

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