Talk Radio

I had an 'a-ha' moment this week. I finally understand why my mother use to listen to talk radio all the time. It use to drive me insane that she would chose to listen to some boring man go on and on about world problems that we couldn't change anyway - but now I understand that small mystery.

It makes you feel smart!
It makes you feel smart to listen to another human being talk about something that is outside the realm of your daily life.
It makes you feel intelligent, like you actually really, truly do belong on this planet when they ask the listener "What do YOU think??" Like someone actually cares what YOU THINK - because even though 'all you do' as a mother is change diapers and outfits and wash clothes and nurse and do laundry, grocery shopping and housekeeping - you are still capable of thinking.

So even though as a child I vowed to never listen to talk radio, and instead would always play hip and cool music that my kids loved ... I think I have, yet again, changed my mind on something.
I will listen to talk radio.
I will make my kids sit quietly so that I can hear what is being discussed.
I will talk to the steering wheel and tell it what I think of all the issues.
And I will let my children discover on their own someday that mothers don't listen to talk radio to drive the children crazy. We listen to talk radio so that we don't go crazy.


Catherine (almost_grinch) said...

Hum, interesting. My husband listens to talk radio and I don't get it. I would rather listen to music or the funny people on the country station.

Crystal said...

Aah my dad listens to talk radio all the time, and now he listens to it LOUDLY. Then he yells back at it. *giggle*

I remember hating the news, but now I almost enjoy it. *shudder*

mum... said...

Wow, Jessica, you are getting to be as intelligient as I am!!! Would you believe last week instead of just hitting the steering wheel in frustration, I actually came home and sent the moderator an e mail... mum

Paul said...


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