Happy Easter!!

We had a nice Easter dinner at Sgt. Gross' apartment last night. Everyone brought one or two dishes and there was so much food - yum! I am impressed at how well some of those men can cook! My hubby included! He made some bread for the dinner and it was delicious. It is so nice being married to a man that not only can cook but loves to cook and is good at it!

Paul had to work today so there are no special plans for us! Judah and I stayed for lunch after church... I love when they have lunch at the chapel when Paul is working! Gives me something to do - other than house work!!

Chrissie didn't end up coming Friday night, so I think I am going to go visit her the end of this month when Paul is traveling for five days. Jude and me on a six hour road trip, should be fun, eh??

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